Automatic Workers Compensation Premium Reporting*

Bangor Payroll has partnered with MEMIC, Maine's leading workers' compensation insurer, to offer Comp-As-You-Go. Once qualified, Bangor Payroll will provide your workers' compensation reporting information for each payroll to MEMIC. This information allows MEMIC to calculate your premiums on a payroll by payroll basis. 


  • Alleviates hefty upfront deposits and improves your cash flow
  • Directs payment of workers' compensation premium
  • Provides timely, accurate payroll-to-premium calculations
  • Minimizes exposure to large year-end audits  
  • Reduces risk of overpayment or underpayment

To learn more about the benefits to you and your business, we encourage you to contact us at 1.800.471.3300 or You can also contact your MEMIC agent.

* For all Qualifications and Considerations, please see Comp-As-You-Go Payroll and Tax Services Qualifications & Conditions Terms & Conditions on the disclosures page.

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