Payment Collection & Disbursement

Wholesale & Retail Lockbox Processing

Bangor Savings can serve as a depository agent, collecting and processing all mail that contains remittance payments. You receive daily reports via data transmission, magnetic tape or diskette. Check and remittance imaging is available on CD-ROM and the Internet.

Electronic Payment Services

A cost-effective way to electronically collect and disburse funds. Bangor Savings Bank offers a full range of Automated Clearing House (ACH) services. Applications include:

  • Direct Deposit (payroll, pensions, expense reimbursements)
  • Vendor Payments
  • Cash Concentration
  • Recurring or Pre-authorized Debits
  • State & Federal Tax Payments
  • Telephone Check Payments

Check Recovery Services

Bangor Savings Bank is able to resubmit non-sufficient funds (NSF) items electronically on your company’s behalf in an attempt to collect the face value of the check plus an additional NSF fee from your customer. There are numerous benefits to collecting checks through the ACH network, including the fact that many banks post electronic transactions before paper checks, increasing the likelihood of collecting funds owed to you.

Courier Service

Name the time and place and bonded couriers will be there to transport your funds for deposit and deliver petty cash or coin orders.

Cash Concentration

Ideal for companies with multiple locations. Make daily deposits at any convenient financial institution, yet concentrate funds into one investment account. Using our Treasury Online service, you manage the movement of funds right from your desk.

Controlled Disbursement

Each day before noon, you receive notification of the checks that will be presented against your account, allowing you to make investment decisions.

Internet Payments

Whether you want to take payments via credit card or electronic debit from the payor’s checking account – we have the expertise to help.  From start to finish, our team will work with you on marketing, implementation and customer service training to ensure collecting payments is a snap.

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